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 - I. de Jong

Liqueur Buddies

In a year where hugging and having a drink together with your buddies wasn’t possible, I came up with Liqueur Buddies. A moment to celebrate the new year. I developed these friendly bottles as a new year gift, so that people could have a drink together with their buddy during the lockdown and curfew.


Just cut the label, share one of the bottles (keep 1,5 meter distance) with your buddies and you’re set up for an evening of joy. The Liqueur Buddies were available in 3 flavors: speculaas (ginger bread), amaretto and limoncello. You can recognize the different flavors in the patterns that are worn by the Liqueur Buddies.

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• Concept • Design • Product

 - I. de Jong

Reclame Ridders

ReclameRidders gives creative masterminds the possibility to share their vision on the advertising branch with the new generation. The goal is to challange young creatives to form their own vision.

What started as an alternative of a thesis grew to become an organisation which is organising events a couple times a year and writing opinion articles. I started ReclameRidders together with Martijn Lankveld and passed it over to a couple of young and eager students. Last year I did the design of the identity as well as the images which were used for the events.

Since the events are targeted on young talent, we used playmobil figures to illustrate our topics in a clean and graphical way.

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